After seeing Amy speak at an event for the CIM a leader from Arup approached us to work with her team. She felt that the scientific approach we take would resonate with them. We worked with them on the “Neuroscience of Business Interactions”. Some of the objectives included effective relationship building, using appropriate levels of detail with clients and connecting through different mediums. 92% of the team said they would use what we covered in future business development activities. One of the group said “It was the mix of management speak and neuroscience that I was expecting. There seemed to be at least a couple of things that weren’t just common sense, which was a pleasant surprise”


We worked with a global medical charity consisting of over 1,000,000 members in 104 different countries. The executive board and team of officials recognised there were both structural and cultural problems that needed addressing. Our remit was a wide one involving both consulting and training over a couple of years with various groups. We worked with the leadership teams to help them understand how the structure was creating problems and what they could do about that. We taught members basic neuroleadership concepts and some neuroscience of communication to help them reach their goals with their twice-annual general assemblies. Drawing on behavioural science we also suggested strategies to improve engagement and a novel strategy to encourage the adoption of organisation wide values.

Pizza Express

We conducted a leadership development Neuroscience case study with this UK based restaurant chain. One of the aims was to change some of the behaviours of the restaurant managers. The case study provided some unexpected, but useful, insights to the organisation, which enabled further action to be taken.



Amy delivered an fascinating talk at Aston University on the topic of the “Neuroscience of Marketing”. The individuals present, mostly of whom worked for other organisations, realised that when they are marketing to people, understanding about the brain gives them an added advantage. This short introduction to the topic gave people a taste of what was possible.

University of South Wales

We delivered a keynote during an annual Coaching conference introducing the importance of neuroscience underpinning their practice. Some of the comments were ‘Amy Brann was absolutely empowering to me! More neuroscience please!’, ‘Inspiring, educational and interesting. Thank you all’, ‘Excellent day, really thought provoking’.

Bangor University Management Centre

The Management Centre were pioneering when they put on a ‘Neuroscience in Business’ programme for local organisations. Delegates enjoyed two full days of immersion into the brain and how to apply some of the latest findings to their businesses. The results included lots of specific adjustments personal to each individual organisation to take into consideration some of the research.

Customer Plus

We frequently get asked by other training providers to partner with them to add something a little different to their proposals. The addition of some cutting edge neuroscience is often seen as attractive by organisations. A ‘normal’ customer service training for a utilities company is transformed by looking at everything through the lens of the brain. What could have been a familiar, and perhaps boring, topic became fresh, exciting and engaging for attendees.

Association For Coaching

We have enjoyed building a relationship with the AC and delivering several talks and workshops to their members. Always with a neuroscience underpinning the feedback has been that Amy’s style is fresh and engaging. Helen Tiffany, a past chair said ‘I am so glad I found you in Belfast and loved how you brought our conference to a positive close yesterday, with energy, expertise and passion for what you do.’

International Coach Federation

The ICF have previously asked Amy to deliver CPD to their members through the medium of webinars. This has been received well and the president said ‘You shared lots of fascinating information’.


Amy has been seen or heard places such as:

  • BBC radio
  • Guardian Small Business Network
  • Greater Good Science Centre
  • Delivering Happiness at Work
  • Successful Women Talk
  • Business Book Talk