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We have 4 fantastic White Papers available for your access, created by Amy Brann, Synaptic Potential Ltd, and its collaborators.

Synposis of each paper:

  • “Neuroscience for the Knowledge Economy” by David Neal and Amy Brann.

The importance of the brain in our economy today.

  • “Cultural and Behavioural Change” by David Neal and Amy Brann (editor)

Perspectives on Creating, Maintaining and Modifying an Organizational Culture

  • *MOST RECENT* “Neuroscience For Coaches In Action” by Amy Brann

Sharing insights into how Coaches are, and can, use neuroscience to inform their work.

  • “Applied Neuroscience for Leaders Part I: Expanding Leaders’ Potential Through Understanding the Science of the Brain” by Amy Brann & David Neal.

Put simply, applied neuroscience for leaders is an approach to leadership development which employs insights from the rapidly growing field of neuroscience.

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Pure Potential is a monthly newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. It is designed for professionals who want to learn a little more about their biggest resource. The content you find within these newsletters isn’t widely available. You are among the small but growing group of individuals who realise that their brain is hugely powerful and want to know how to best use it.

Through our newsletter, talks and trainings our aim is to make this knowledge mainstream over the coming years.

If you put into action what you learn, this series is set to help you:

  • Better set yourself up to succeed
  • Improve your productivity
  • Free your brain up to focus on new important things
  • Help you make changes at work and in your personal life
  • Equip you to make better decisions

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  1. Padraic McDonagh
    Padraic McDonagh02-22-2017

    So excited to.read.more of Amys books and apply behaviour change strategies with the people who attend my gym

  2. Simon Lachance
    Simon Lachance04-04-2017

    Great conference last week

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