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Amy Brann

“I love making organisations better through game changing neuroscientific insights. I do this as an author, consultant, workshop creator and speaker all over the world” Amy

Amy Brann blends her academic knowledge of how the brain works with her experience of leaders’ challenges to share uniquely insightful ways forward.

Amy studied foundational neuroscience at UCL medical school before choosing to train instead as a Coach. Delivering 12,000 hours of Coaching and consulting to leaders means she has seen, and helped deal with, problems in every sector and many different types of organization.

Based in Warwick in the UK, she’s a culture enhancement speaker who inspires and fascinates people with her ‘Game Changing Insights’® programmes.

Her organization partnered with Bangor University’s Behaviour Change Centre to enable participation in researching and developing the cutting edge insights that are solidly underpinned by science.

Amy has had broad cultural experiences including running sales teams in Asia, managing Coaching teams in Belize and Egypt and running culture change programmes globally.

She is the author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ & ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ published by Kogan Page and ‘Engaged: The neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organisations’ published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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